You might think going multilingual with your website is a piece of cake, but it can actually morph into a straight-up nightmare if you don't handle it right. That’s why I want to put some emphasis on Weglot here.

From seamless workflows (that not burn through your budget) to accessibility and SEO, there are countless factors to consider beyond the realm of development and code. Weglot positions itself as the go-to solution in the multilingual website industry – but is it living up to the hype? Let's explore how Weglot tackles the challenges and offers an all-encompassing solution to your multilingual needs.

What is Weglot?

Weglot is a cloud-based translation solution that allows businesses and individuals to quickly and easily create multilingual websites. It automatically detects and translates the content on your website, providing a seamless browsing experience for your international audience. Weglot makes it easy for you to translate your website into over 100 languages, so that people from all around the world can understand it!

Is Weglot the perfect Solution for website translation?

Nothing's 100% perfect, and that goes for software too. But there's a reason why Weglot's making waves in the translation game. The most obvious turn-off might be the pricing model (I’ll cover the details on that further down).

When you look at it logically, it's not so bad. Just hit the pause button and do the math:

How many hours do developers, writers, marketers, and translators spend updating and maintaining multilingual website content? What's their hourly rate?

What kind of impact would breaking the language barrier have on expanding your audience?

Sure, the more words you have, the more fixed costs you're looking at. But with a solid SEO strategy in place, more content equals more traffic, which means more revenue. So, is Weglot the silver bullet for website translation? It might just be the closest thing you'll find.

There might be a couple of edge cases where Weglot's out-of-the-box solutions hit a snag, but no worries – their support team is seriously amazing. These folks are super helpful, coming up with quick and custom ideas to help you find a solution that works for your needs.

Key Features of Weglot

So, you're probably wondering what Weglot's out-of-the-box solutions look like. Let's cut to the chase and check out the most impactful features that make Weglot so helpful.

Easy Integration

Weglot offers seamless integration with popular website platforms such as Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more. With just a few clicks, you can have your website translated and ready to engage with your global customers.

Automatic and Human Translation

Weglot combines the power of machine translation with the option of professional human translators.  This makes sure that your website's content is translated fast and correctly - which is awesome, so we'll talk about it more in detail soon.

Translation Management System

The Weglot dashboard allows you to manage, edit, and review translations with ease. You can collaborate with team members, assign translation tasks, and monitor the progress of translations in real-time.

Customizable Language Switcher

Weglot offers a customizable language switcher that can be placed anywhere on your website. This ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience for visitors, allowing them to effortlessly switch between languages.

Weglot's Dynamic Duo - Automatic and Human Translation

One of the standout features of Weglot is its unique blend of automatic and human translation. Let's get the scoop on how this powerful combo works together to create top-notch translations for your website:

1st Step - Automatic Translation

When you first get Weglot, it'll quickly translate your website's stuff using awesome translation tools like Google Translate and DeepL. This means you'll have a version of your site that everyone can understand super fast, so people from other countries can start looking around right away!

2nd Step - Human Translation

Automatic translation is really fast and effective, but when it comes to marketing messages or phrases that are specific to a certain culture, you need someone who can make sure your content is accurate.

With Weglot, you can easily edit translations yourself, with your team or invite external professional translators to collaborate and fine-tune your content directly within the Weglot dashboard. This way, you can ensure your translations are accurate, engaging, and culturally relevant.

By combining the speed and convenience of automatic translation with the precision and nuance of human translation, Weglot offers a truly versatile solution for creating a multilingual website that resonates with your global audience.

Overall benefits of Using Weglot

Wondering what makes Weglot such a big deal in the multilingual website world? Let's break down the benefits and see why it's worth considering for your website translation needs:

Enhanced User Experience

With Weglot, your international visitors will enjoy a seamless browsing experience in their native language, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Improved SEO

As your content is available in another language, you can potentially rank for more keywords. It doesn’t automatically mean twice the traffic (assuming you have now two languages) but it could be way more as your competition might lack in other regions.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Weglot's automatic translation feature saves you time and money by eliminating the need for manual translations. It also reduces the need for hiring a professional translator or a web developer to implement translations on your website.


Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, Weglot can cater to your needs. With its wide range of supported languages and easy integration, Weglot can help you expand your business globally with minimal effort.

Weglot and SEO – What does it provide to affect your traffic?

I already mentioned the increased exposure you gain with a multilingual website, which leads to more traffic hitting your domain. With SEO being its own rabbit hole to explore (I mean, Google Search alone has about 200 ranking factors), Weglot's got your back in some key areas. Here are 4 things they do to help boost your website's global reach:

Dedicated URLs

Weglot creates dedicated URLs for each translated version of your website, following Google's best practices for multilingual SEO. These unique URLs make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your translated content, giving your site a boost in search rankings.

Hreflang Tags

These nifty little tags tell search engines which language versions of a page are available, and Weglot automatically adds them to your site. This means search engines can serve up the right language version of your content to users based on their language preferences, which is a big win for user experience.

Optimized Metadata

Weglot translates not only your website's visible content but also its metadata, like title tags and meta descriptions. By translating these crucial SEO elements, Weglot ensures your site has the best chance of ranking well in search results for your target languages.

Superb Load Times

Nobody likes a slow website, and neither do search engines. Weglot's cloud-based infrastructure means your translated content loads super fast, keeping both your users and search engines happy.

With Weglot handling the SEO aspects of your multilingual website, you can relax and focus on creating awesome content for your global audience. They've got your back, making sure your site stays on top of its SEO game and keeps attracting that sweet, sweet traffic.

Implementing Weglot to your website

Getting Weglot going on your website (I did this process with Webflow) is pretty chill from a technical point of view. It's all about pasting a few lines of code into your site and tweaking some DNS records. Just take it easy, pay attention, and you'll have it done in a relaxed afternoon.

From there, it's all about how much content you've got and how much you want to focus on your SEO – we're mainly talking manual translations here. The more content you're rocking and the more effort you put into creating top-notch translations, the longer it might take to get your multilingual site on point.

Breaking Down Weglot's Pricing Model

When it comes to Weglot's pricing, they've got options for everyone. Let's take a look at their different plans:

Free: If you're just testing the waters, the Free plan offers translations for up to 2,000 words and one translated language. Not a bad way to kick things off and see what Weglot's all about.

Starter: Priced at $15/month, the Starter plan hooks you up with up to 10,000 words and one translated language. Perfect for small websites and businesses just getting started in the multilingual game.

Business: For $29/month, the Business plan steps it up, offering up to 50,000 words and three translated languages. Ideal for growing businesses looking to make some real moves in the global market.

Pro: At $97/month, the Pro plan is all about that high-volume life. With up to 200,000 words and five translated languages, this plan's got your back as you're expanding your reach even further.

In addition to that you will also find two other plans (Advanced, Extended) that covers up to 5,000,000 words. - at which point your website is likely to be massive already.

Enterprise: If you're rolling even bigger, the Enterprise plan has got you covered. Custom pricing and tailored solutions mean you're getting the perfect fit for your large-scale operation.

please note: these prices are subject to change. You will always find the actual prices on their website.

So, what do you think about Weglot?

Now that you've got the scoop on Weglot's pricing model, you can weigh the costs against the benefits of going multilingual. Remember, expanding your audience and breaking language barriers can lead to some serious traffic and revenue growth.  Investing in a solution like Weglot might be the best decision for your website's future.

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