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A brand identity kit is a collection of visual and written materials that define your company's brand and help to establish a consistent look and feel across all of your external communications.
Every website we are building for our clients is including a special subpage to exactly this kit which can be shared all across your stakeholders.

  • Consistency: The brand identity kit ensures that all of your company's communications, from its website to its business cards, have a consistent look and feel. This helps to build trust and recognition with customers.
  • Professionalism: A well-designed brand identity kit gives your company a polished, professional appearance. This can help to establish the company as a credible and trustworthy business.
  • Flexibility: A brand identity kit provides a set of guidelines for how the brand should be used, rather than specific rules. This allows for flexibility in how the brand is applied to different communications.
  • Cost-effective: A brand identity kit allows a company to create a consistent look and feel across all of its communications without having to constantly having to align with creators for each new piece of content over and over again.

Possible Outcomes

  • Centralise your main brand assets in one place and make it convieniently accessible
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