Discover A NEW World

We decided to work with NFT Maker Pro because Patrick Tobler and his team's vision is unique. Not to mention our complementary skill sets; they have the technology for the backend - we have the skills for the frontend. Together we want to give you the opportunity to let your NFTs shine within the Cardano Ecosystem!

A collaboration between



Trading cards, Panini football stickers, artwork, memorabilia and much more. Let's transfer the collecting hype to the digital world!


Remember how we used to hang concert tickets on our walls? The future of such tickets lies in NFTs. Let's ring it in together!


A real world product connected to the NFT. You buy the NFT and you will get the product send to your home address. What a cool way to start a campaign for your new edition!

WHAT´s  Possible

With NFT Maker Pro you can efficiently create NFTs in the Cardano Ecosystem and hold in your hands a powerful tool for backend development.


- For the frontend, we offer Webflow solutions for the technology to shine.

- We build you a landing page for your NFT drop so you retain creative sovereignty over your stories.

- We connect the API to your landing page so everything works smoothly and the ADA flows into the right wallets.

- You focus on creating the art and the story - we take care of everything else!

Every NFT drop needs a clean marketing strategy.


- We advise and consult on which channels are best for you and your work, and nudge you in the right direction.

- We develop a roadmap for you to decide which content should be published and when the time is ripe to do so.

- We also help you create the story behind your NFTs so that a hype is constructed around it. This is the only way to build a community that is not only interested in maximizing profits, but also in your story.

Many NFT projects want to make a single NFT-drop and we are happy to help you with that.

But why stay a one-hit-wonder when you can also make an album?

We believe in sustainability and long-term partnerships. We always look forward to projects that don't only think on the scale of weeks, but on years.

We accompany you on this journey and stand by your side as a trustful partner. We help you to set up every single NFT drop, always aiming at the highest efficiency and efficacy, and to build up the story in such a way that your community is always eagerly awaiting that release next, even in the long run.


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