We create change for


We believe in our collective

communal responsibility.

This is why we dedicate a fixed percentage of our workforce to

work for pro bono projects and NGOs to support them building their visions.

We want to help those who want to

change the world for the better.

How it works
We pick one perfect fitting contestant every month to support with our work. The application for the next month closes with the first day of this month. From that point on, we start discussing the applications within our team. The final decision will be a collective one depending on contestants, your “cause”, the impact you want to make and the needs you described in your application. Afterwards we will get in touch with you and start with a digital get-together, where we want to get to know each other and discuss what will be the focus of our collaboration. And from that point on, it’s hustle time.
Who can apply?
Everybody who is dedicated to creating a positive impact for the world. Whether it’s a local program to help saving the population of swamp noodle snake in Narnia or help making the lives of others better by any percentage. To us, most important is what you want to change and why you strive to do so. Of course, you should be listed as a non-profit organization. Interested or maybe even hyped? Perfect! Then let’s go. We are excited to receive your application!
Core Service Offering
Website and brand optimization
Strategy and growth planning
Creating or optimizing the digital infrastructure you have or need

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