A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany

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Seventh Floor
Seventh Floor
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A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, GermanyA modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany
A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany
A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany
A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany

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A modern artist website for a indie punk band from Dresden, Germany

It all started in 2016, on the 7th floor. In David`s apartment. With a big common dream. Today, 7 years later, four young people play well over 30 concerts a year, have released three professional music videos and found mention in various press articles with their music. Many numbers behind which hides the story of Seventh Floor, an indie punk band from Dresden - which is far from being finished.

LE4F.AGENCY has also joined in this journey and created a digital, modern and unique business card for the newcomer band in the form of a professional artist website, with which they definitely stand out from the vast crowd of musicians.

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In times of TikTok, Instagram and other comparable platforms, a consistent and functional online presence is an essential factor for bands and musicians when it comes to generating reach, building fan loyalty and generating financial returns. Anyone who is serious about their music career should be more than aware of this by now - even if the music romantics among you are still vehemently trying to defend themselves against it. And no, even the emerging trend of increasing record sales will not change that.

In addition to strategically built social media presences, the classic website is still considered an important touchpoint for generating conversions with fans and other stakeholders. Especially for event organizers, a homogeneous and professional website often makes the difference and decides whether the band is considered suitable enough for their own city festival, club night or festival.

Aware of this unstoppable development, the Dresden band "Seventh Floor" contacted us with the request for a website upgrade.

From website construction kit to individual glossy website

Sure, there are countless website construction kit solutions on the market that also allow musicians and bands to build their own website very quickly and easily. And don't get us wrong, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with such providers! Free according to the principle: Better a simple website than no website at all. And many bands also benefit from the low-cost solutions due to a tight purse. However, this is exactly the point, and from two different angles.

First, there is a fundamental and deeply rooted "problem" in the mindset of many musicians and bands. While the second or third guitar may be in the four-digit price range, every cent of investment in marketing or the development of online presences is felt to be too much. But that's another topic, which would probably fill an entire article on its own.

In this context, of course, it is more about the fact that many musicians and bands fall back on such providers for the reasons just mentioned. However, the prefabricated templates of these construction kits are often limited in their design and functional possibilities, which means that you have little chance to stand out from other band websites. The remedy is an individual solution, for example with Webflow, in order to reflect one's artist identity with creative approaches even in the smallest detail on one's own website.

A coherent design concept for Seventh Floor

As an indie punk band with a penchant for emotionality, Seventh Floor relies on a clear and authentic, but at the same time professional appearance for its visuals. In order to create a homogeneous artist identity, these core elements should of course also be unmistakably reflected on the website. As a result, our UI design is based on a simple structure, a small color palette and straightforward but timeless designs and animations. The visitor should get a familiar feeling from the first second on. His urge to discover should be triggered and the need to get to know the band better should be satisfied in an interactive way. This is achieved by the animated music video slider right at the beginning of the page. (technical facts about the implementation/integration).

Overall, the homepage appears very tidy and limited to the essentials. Thus, visitors are able to get all important information at a glance and jump off to several relevant platforms and assets through hyperlinks, e.g. the social media channels, the streaming platforms, the new release or the Electronic Press Kit (EPK). The website is rounded off by an overview of the next shows and the clear CTA at the end of the page, which is aimed at a booking request.

Conclusion and next steps

Even in the music industry, a modern, user-friendly and homogeneous website is necessary nowadays in order to gain a competitive advantage over fellow musicians. Not only can important conversions take place on it (e.g. ticket or merch sales, booking inquiries), it also serves as a piece of the artist identity puzzle to create fan loyalty and present information at a glance.

The next step for this project is to integrate an online store for merchandise items into the website, in the form of an embedded link to a print-on-demand provider. Webflow with all its connection possibilities is also very well suited for this. Thus, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, there is also another one, namely the possibility of generating a financial return through the website. Since Corona at the latest, this no longer takes place exclusively in the form of appearance fees, but more and more through strategic brand building in the online world.

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