"Find the signal. Kill the noise."

Primary Skills

Venture Building
Brand Strategy
Strategic Consulting


Content Creator
Tier I
Project Leader
‍Tier I
‍Tier I

My childhood was absorbed in nature in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts  (I'm kind of a scientist trapped iin an artist's body) from University of Oregon and moved to Europe in 2016.

Career highlights:

  • Startups Launched: 4
  • Websites/Apps Built: 45+
  • Professional Creative/Designer: 15 years
  • Top-Tier Press Secured: 150 article form PR campaigns
  • Commissioned Writer: 15 articles
  • Social Media Managed: 4 accounts
  • Organic Followers / Account: 15k - 25k
  • Events Organized: 25+
  • Insatiably Curious: Lifetime

Personally, I’m obsessed with venture-building, cognitive sciences, phenomenology, meditation, sci-fi philosophy, nuance, exponential technologies, immersive art, promo-craft, and plants. I currently live & work in Berlin.

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