Digital Growth.

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Get a premium website

We are turning your ideas straight-up into a meaningful digital experience. With creative and innovative approaches, we ensure that your new digital presence feels like your brand even in the smallest details.

Define your digital strategy

From solving business problems, all the way to the integration of software: We make your virtual infrastructure feel as natural as breathing and support you in propelling your business into the digital 21st century.

Find your way on-chain

As your challenging partner we tease out your company's hidden potential for active growth in the digital world. Always aware of the current digitization trends, we are working together with you in the rhythm of digital evolution and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.


Merging two worlds

We combine visionary approaches with conventional perspectives. This makes a potential partner for your project, whether it is located in the blockchain sector or in a conventional industry. Our top priority is always to identify the most suitable solution for your company and get it on the digital road quickly.

Selected Projects

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Core Team

Tobias Steffen

Founder & CTO

Tobias is our founder and the technical genius of our team. While everybody else is still discussing requirements, working on concepts, or visualizing designs he has already finished his first draft and found solutions even for more complex challenges.

Stephan Schlesiger

Project Management

Stephan is the emotional leader of our team. Both in internal marketing projects as well as in customer projects he always keeps the bigger picture in mind. With his distinctive empathy he leaves a long lasting impression on everybody working with him. Even in more turbulent times he stays calm and focused and ensures that our projects stay on track.

Sunny Basra


Sunny encompasses all client focused operations including (but not limited to) outreach, onboarding, consulting, relationship management, and success. He is very effective at understanding our partners needs, ensuring we exceed expectations and are always delivering an exceptional partner experience.

Mads Rechenburg

Design & Storytelling

Mads is our storyteller. When it comes to telling the story of your brand, he is the right guy for you. Whether it is via text, color, animation, or other, more extravagant solutions, he brings the necessary creativity to communicate your brand to your customers in the most lively and individual way we know.

Josephine Heide


Speaking of liveliness and creativity. Josi is our secret weapon for these topics. She brings the final websites and your new brand to life. Animations, interactions and everything moving is her passion. She makes sure that your new website feels like your brand even in the smallest details.

Sophia Seidel

Office Management

Sophia is the soul of our team. Organization and coordination are her beloved playground. Thanks to her, our team keeps on track and has the capacity to create stunning projects. Her background in pedagogy helps us to tame all the creative energy and to use it for the results everyone will love.

David Tóth

Marketing & PR

David is our community and marketing man. If you need to create outreach or bring your brand to life, he is the go-to man. His passion is shown in his music projects and the festival he organize with some good friends. One thing you can be certain of: He will ensure that your customers' hearts beat with the same passion for your project or brand.

Ragulan Suthaharan

Webflow Development

Ragulan is our superhuman. During the day he works as a doctor in the UK. But he is always up for a challenge and wants to make some big technological changes in the medical field. That’s why he is learning to code in his time off. Together with Tobias he makes up the technical part of our team and is responsible for ensuring the realization of our customer's vision.